Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hospital Stay and Arrival Home

I was admitted Thursday at 1100. Chilled for 24 hours while I received steroids for the boys lungs. The boys were born Friday evening (1717 and 1739) and we were home by 1115 Sunday morning. I was super ready to be home after THREE FULL days of Spectrum.

Shortly after our precious little Twinners arrival the first of our few visitors arrived. That being Brian's parents followed by my parents (with Mase, Mols, and Crew), and my sister and her family. (Asher got lots of loving while Jax was getting cleaned up. Hence ALL the Asher pics).
Asher meeting his Grandpas and Grandmas.
Molly and Asher
My baby Big brother Crew "holding" Asher
Big brother Mason with Asher
Cousin Cambrey and Asher
Cousin Brinley and Asher
Cousin Cole with Asher (and Mason)
Aunt Courtney and Uncle Jason with Asher
Our first family of SEVEN photo...
Friday night into Saturday morning both the boys were having sugar issues. So come Saturday morning when Asher's sugar was low yet again they said since he had already had 3 gels (oral sugar) he would need the Pediatrician's approval for a fourth. If the Pediatrician said NO (which she did NOT) or if he had one more low sugar he would have to go to NICU. I had already sent Brian home but my sister was on her way up to the hospital to hang out with me for the morning/early afternoon followed by my mom into the evening. (So Brian could be home with the Bigs for awhile). The nurse told me the plan that I would follow for the day (to hopefully keep the boys out of NICU). Nurse for 5 minutes then supplement with 20-25ml of formula then pump for 15 minutes followed by skin to skin with mommy.
I was to do this every 2 hours. They were NOT to be passed around (hence the no visitors) and were not to be put in their bassinets. So very thankful for my mom and sister who helped bottle feed the boys and do skin to skin while I pumped and breast fed. Their sugars were checked every 1-2 hours and all sugars remained above 45 for the rest of the morning/afternoon. At 1730 and 1745 the boys had their 24 hour newborn screens done (and final sugar) and hallelujah their final sugars were good so they did NOT have to go to NICU. What an answer to prayer!!! Brian came back up to the hospital (his mom was back at our house for the third night in a row) and we kept up the feeding schedule until 10pm then I went back to straight breastfeeding on demand (so every 3ish hours). And then Sunday morning was GO HOME TIME!
I didn't take a single picture on Saturday of the boys because of all the craziness so on Sunday morning I had to snap a few of these precious miracles. (Above Asher and Jax snuggling and below Asher and Jax all ready to go home).
The kids were SO excited for mom and the twins (and dad) to be home. The boys received lots of snuggles from the Bigs...
Mols and Asher
Mase and Jax
Crew and Asher
Our FIVE Earthly Blessings
Daddy with the twins and Mommy with the twins
HOME and loving their rock n plays...
My brothers and their families came to visit shortly after we arrived home.
Aunt Jana, Uncle Brandon, Connor, & Austin 
Kylynn, Easton, Addisyn, Aunt Kristi, and Uncle Jason
Can't not say how amazing our parents are. When I went to L&D from my doctor appointment Thursday morning my mom kept the kids from 9am until 5pm. My mother-in-law relieved her from 5pm to 10am Friday morning. My mom picked the kids back up at 10am until 9pm. My mother-in-law came back from 9pm until 7am Saturday morning. Brian was home with the kids all day Saturday until 5pm (well my mom and sis hung out with me). My mother-in-law came back for her third (and final) night around Saturday at 5pm until Sunday morning at 8am. My in-laws enjoyed a quick breakfast out and then came back to our house around 1015 so Brian could come and pick me and the boys up. Couldn't have done it without them!!!

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