Thursday, September 7, 2017

{Asher & Jax} Two Months

Stats: The boys next appointment (well child check-up) is next week Wednesday (September 13th) so best guess is Asher weighs in the mid to upper 12lb range.  And Jax is pry in the lower 11lb range. I'll update here after the appointment with weights/heights/stats.

*Update...Asher weighed in at 12lb 9oz (75th%) and measured 22 and 3/4 inches long (50th%). His head circumference was 15 and 1/4 inches (25-50th%). Jax weighed in at 11lb 7oz (50th) and measured 22 and 1/4 inches long (25-50th%). His head circ was 15 and 1/2 inches (25-50th%).
Sizes: The boys are still wearing 0-3 or 3 month clothing. Asher will definitely be ready to move up a size before Jax but thinking I'll just keep them in the same size at least as long as I can. (Better to be a touch big on Jax than too small for Asher. And I prefer they stay in the same size for matching/coordinating purposes. They are still in size 1 Kirkland diapers but once the size 1's run out its on to size 2.
Food: The boys have each received a few more bottles. I first started giving 4-4.5oz bottles but now its 4.5-5oz bottles. They still eat on demand. Typically every 2-4 hours during the day. And every 3-4 hours at night. I rarely pumped this last month (just don't have enough time in the day to do it). But two nights ago I started pumping to give them a 9:30/10pm bottle. Would have even larger spans of sleep at night if I only had Jax. Rarely does Jax wake at night before Asher. And same as last month when one twin wakes/is ready to eat I wake/make the other one eat too.
Routine: No set routine. No typical wake up time. Eat every 2-4 hours. Still napping randomly, Sometimes together and sometimes not. I try to get them to bed between 9:30 and 11pm (although I will be bumping up this time during this next month). Two nights ago I started giving a 4.5-5oz bottle around 9:30/10pm. I pump right before and will supplement with formula to make sure they each get 4.5-5oz. The first night I had a 4.5oz bottle already ready to go and I pumped another 4.5oz so no formula was needed. Last night I pumped 10oz so once again I was all set. I have a mix of free formula samples in the cupboard so they'll get whatever I pulled out. During the night their sleep has been very different each pattern what so ever. And like I already said no set wake up time.
Developmental Milestones: Asher has phenomenal head control and Jax isn't too far behind. Both boys started smiling more this month.
Loves: The boys love their momma!!! Love to eat!!! (Jax) loves his bop more so than Asher!!! And they love being held.
Dislikes: Sitting in a poopy diaper.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • The boys have slept a {very} few 5-6 hour stretches at night. The longest stretch I've been getting lately is a 4 hour stretch.
  • Asher is definitely the more fussy babe. For a few weeks it felt like if he wan't sleeping he was fussing. Where as Jax is content just chilling awake. But in the last couple of days he (Asher) has been more chill.
  • Jax is an ANGEL baby. By far my BEST baby. So incredibly relaxed and chilled. I think he just makes Asher look bad (or Asher makes him look good). I really feel like Asher's temperament is similar to the three Bigs at the same age but obviously with two of them I compare then to each other...and hence Jax gets good baby status and Asher gets fussy baby status.
  • Both boys hand out smiles but Jax hands them out MUCH quicker.
  • Asher is a gassy baby (cause of his fussiness)? Swaddle him up and he tends to calm quicker.
  • First night in their crib was Sept 5. They slept the same as the previous night in their rock n plays. Second night Jax woke (after a freakin 5oz bottle) after a mere 3 hours. Popped in his paci and he fell back to sleep. Fifteen minutes later heard more fussy...this time it was Asher. Popped his paci in. We played this rotating game for an hour and 15 minutes until I finally gave in and fed them at 2:20am. But then they slept until 7:05 (Jax) and 7:30am (Asher). I'll be super honest I am not afraid to let them fuss at night if they are not (in my opinion) due to eat or fuss in the early morning when they were just fed and its not awake time yet. I feel like they should be able to make a 4.5-5 hour stretch at this point.
  • Its funny when looking back at the other kids 2 month posts I read that I cut Mason's nails for the first time at 8.5 weeks. The twins have had their nails cut 4-5 times already.
  • Asher has bad {really bad} cradle cap so I jumped right to the dandruff shampoo (Selsun Blue). I wash his hair a couple times a week with the shampoo, apply some baby oil to it afterwards, and comb the dry skin out. Might try to reverse the order (oil then shampoo) to see if that works better.
Jax above and Asher below
  • Pretty sure Asher is going to need a helmet like Mase did to fix the shape of his head. Stay tuned for confirmation (which we won't get until after his 4 month appointment and most likely a MFB appointment).
  • Asher still has his three birthmarks on his face and one on his lower back.

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