Sunday, January 7, 2018

{Asher & Jax} Six Months

Stats: The boys next appointment (well child check-up) isn't until 1.18.2018. (I'll update afterwards). Guessing that Asher will be weighing in the lower 19lb range. And Jax more in the lower 18lb range. So I was off by a pound for both boys. Each gained just over 2 pounds instead of the 3 poundage gain I was thinking would happen over these last two months. Asher weighed 18lbs 5oz (65th%) and measured 27 inches (75th%). Head circumference was 16.75 inches (25th%). Jax weighed 17lbs 6oz (50th%) and measured 26.5 inches (50th%). His head circ was 17.5 inches (70th%).
Sizes: The boys are still wearing 6-12 and 9 month clothing and size 3 {Kirkland} diapers.
Food: Formula. Lately Enfamil but they'll take regular Similac too (Whatever free samples my work has is what they get). They get five 6oz bottles/day. Typically at 7, 10:30/11, 1:30, 4:30/5, and 7:30/7:45. Asher loves him some baby food. Jax not so much. At first Asher wasn't a huge fan but that only lasted so long. Jax still tries to spit it all back out. I have to tuck it into the side of his mouth. Asher now eats a whole stage 1 and Jax is lucky to get down 1/3rd of a stage 1. They've tried carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, applesause, & bananas.
(Looks can be deceiving...this boy does NOT like to eat).
Routine: We've been all over the map this month thanks to teething, colds, and the throw ups. But as of a few days ago we are back to waking between 6:30 and 7am and sleeping all night long with maybe the exception of the boys taking turns waking once around 5/5:30am. I pop in their paci, turn their music on, and snug a blanket around them tight and 9 times out of 10 they go back to sleep. Still eat every 3-4 hours during the day. Still ready for their first nap two hours after waking. A second nap around 1:30/2 and they still need a third cat nap (20-30min in the evening). And they go down for the night between 7:30 and 8pm.
Developmental Milestones: They are starting to sit alone for short periods of time. Rolling a little more these days. Belly to back more often that back to belly. The boys spend a LOT of time on their tummies and a lot of time in their jump-er-roos. Can't get enough of their giggles, open mouth kisses, and big smiles. And they are some professional bottles holders.
Loves: The boys love me and my voice!!! Love watching the bigs play. Love their bottles!!! Love to suck/pull on anything and everything. Love to be talked to!!! Love spending time on their tummies, on their play mat and in their jumperoo. Love their blankies. Jax loves his paci and Asher just likes it.
(Paci's in hand)
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You celebrated your first Christmas and New Years.
  • When getting your diapers changed you both always try to grab at your piggie toes. If you knew what summer was...I'm sure you'd be wishing it was summer again.
  • Jax refuses to wear socks. Kicks them off within minutes seconds of having them put on.
  • Asher constantly kicks his legs (up and down, up and down).
  • You still spend (and pry will for the next couple of months) a lot of time at home. It's just easier leaving you guys at home with a grandma or either daddy or myself than to take all five of you out. (Especially with the sub zero temps we've been having).
  • We had another 2 week stretch of sleepless nights. First Jax had the stomach bug, then you both got colds, Jax started teething, and finally Asher got the stomach bug. Could have sworn Asher was teething but none have poked through yet so I guess not. And then to top it all off Asher started wearing his helmet. It was a rough 2 week stretch.
  • Grandma (Helmholdt) noticed on Christmas Day that Jaxy's first tooth had popped through (bottom front left) and tooth number two followed a mere four days later (bottom front right). Believe it or not Jax didn't make a single fuss for tooth number one. And only a tiny bit of fuss for tooth number two.
  • You still both LOVE your baby music soothers in your cribs.
  • You still both LOVE LOVE LOVE your B's (blankies). Yea!! So much so that I caved and let you boys sleep with them all night long sometime this past month.
  • Asher's drooling has let up quite a bit and his excessive spitting has too. (Maybe his body just likes Enfamil formula better)?!
  • Asher started wearing his helmet on 12.29.17. And thanks to his helmet he has yeast on his head. {Boo}.
  • Jax sleeps half way on his side (occasionally on his tummy) head turned sideways (has since a month old) where as Asher lays flat on his back (since birth)...and you wonder why his head is (soon to be was) so flat.
  • Both boys are HUGE fans of their tongues...

  • Playmates at their best. Love me some twinners.

And pictures just because I LOVE them SO...
Jax Bryson
Asher Luke

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