Monday, May 7, 2018

{Asher & Jax} Ten Months

Stats: The boys next appointment (well child check-up) isn't until 7.9.18. Guessing that Asher weighs in the mid 22lb range. And Jax just a few ounces less (than Asher).
Sizes: Wearing 12-18 month and 18 month clothing...and have 18-24 month in their closet (just haven't worn any of that size yet). Made the size switch about two weeks ago. Size 4 {Kirkland} brand diapers.
Food: Nothing has really changed since last month. Still get Enfamil formula. Still get four 6oz bottles/day. (Often still an extra bottle on Sundays). Bottles typically at 7/7:30, 11, 3:30/4, and 7:15. But the only and big change is no more baby food!!
Routine: Boys have been sleeping A-M-A-Z-I-N-G this month!! Go down around 7:30 and wake between 6:45-7:15am. Once up they immediately get a bottle. Breakfast around 8. First nap around 9:30. Been waking around 11am (on their own) but if not I do wake them no later than 11am. Get their second bottle upon waking (at 11). Lunch at noon-ish and their second nap around 1:30. They (typically) sleep 2-3 hours at this nap. (Asher more often naps for two while Jax naps for three). Third bottle around 3:30/4. Dinner 5/5:30. And fourth and final bottle at 7:15 followed almost always by bed.
Developmental Milestones: HUGE milestone month in the Helmholdt house. Jax is still a scooting machine. But can now pull himself up to sitting and standing positions. First pulled himself up in the tub on April 18 and within a week or two was a pro. Not really sure when the sitting position stuff happened but once he could stand himself up pretty sure he could then sit himself up too. Asher started crawling (like REAL crawling-no scooting for him) on April 19/20. And got further, faster, and quicker each day. Started putting himself into a sitting position on a regular basis on April 12. Learned to clap on April 12. And pulling himself to a standing position (didn't write down the exact date) a few days after Jax so we'll say the end of April. Haven't worked on stairs with the boys yet...the 3 bigs were all going up stairs at this point...just don't have the time to work with them on stairs.
Loves: The boys love love love their momma but they really like daddy too!!!  Love their bubbas/bottles!!! Love to suck/pull on anything and everything (especially paper and hair when they get their hands on it). They love their blankies (both) and pacis (more so Jax). Asher loves his tongue. Both love sister/brother's sippys. And they love iPhones and remotes. 

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • Asher was diagnosed with another double ear infection a few days before his 9 month appointment (and started on an Albuterol Neb for wheezing) and Jax was diagnosed with a left ear infection AT their 9 month appointment. Ear recheck scheduled for May 10. (While on Omnicef Jax vomited daily).
  • Asher started sleeping on his belly April 13. The first few days (naps)/nights were rough with him screaming/crying. But CIO (cry it out) we did and now he's back to sleeping like a champ. Boys also are teething again and add in the fact that they can now stand (in their cribs) equals trouble falling asleep but I'm a big CIO mama so that's what they (mostly) do. When I know they are teething or the CIO is going on for longer than norm I do rock them for a bit.
  • I can't keep track of all the new and lost teeth happenings in the Helmholdt house. (Crew and Mase getting 2 and 6 year old molars and Mase losing teeth as well). Asher is working on his 6th tooth. Currently has 3 on top and 2 on the bottom. Jax has 6 teeth (4 on top and 2 on the bottom) but is working on 7 and 8 (on the bottom). Oh Mi Oh My!!!
  • Love playing by the fireplace and getting into the pantry, dishwasher, and fridge if open. And touching outlet COVERS.
  • In their stroller often for Mase's tball games, first visit to John Ball Zoo, and first trip to Frederick Meijer Gardens.
  • Always feel the need to stand during tubby time, (More so Jax).
  • Still true from last month...Jax sees a bottle he gets into laying position and pops out his paci. Asher...while he just sits there and lets us do all the work.
  • Asher's tongue is out maybe 50% of the time. So not soaking his shirts near as much this month
  • Still true from last month...Asher's eczema comes and goes in brightness. (Eczema mostly on his face but his legs a touch too). He was prescribed HC cream 2.5% which has helped tremendously.
  • Jax always wants to be held. Way more clingy to mommy/daddy/grandmas/etc. Asher way more content sitting watching or doing his own thing. This is a switch from when they were (little) babes. Back then Asher always needed to be held while Jax just laid and watched.
  • Jax hands out smiles like its his job. Asher just stares back at peeps when they try to make him smile. 
  • Jax has no fear getting passed around from cousin to cousin. Asher can handle it for a bit but then starts fussing if it goes on for too long.
  • You are 50/50 on being wild crazy boys when it comes to diaper changes. If handed something entertaining you sit still. If left with nothing you become a twisting turning CRAZY.
  • When there is action happening around you squirm every which way to see what is happening. And taking a bottle while action is happening is nearly impossible.
  • Asher can throw a fit on demand. If he doesn't get his way he throws himself down and has the saddest (yet cutest) cry.
  • Jax is notorious for taking a sip from his sippy and then tossing it to the wind (throwing it down from his highchair). Started doing this with food in the last few days as well. And he likes to throw things down the stairs too.
  • Took their 9 month pics {yesterday}. Still technically considered 9 month pics even though a day shy of 10 months. Definitely not professional and taken within 10 minutes but they work for what I need.

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