Friday, July 13, 2018

{Asher & Jax} ONE Year

Stats: The boys ONE year appointment (well child check-up) was 7.9.18. Asher weighed 24lb 9oz (75th%) and measured 30.25 (50-75th%) inches long. His head circumference was 18 inches (50th%). Jax weighed 23lb 8oz (50-75th%) and measured 30 inches (50th%). His head circumference was 19 inches (75-90th%).
Sizes: Still wearing 18-24 month and 18 month clothing but do still have 12 and 12-18 month shorts in the closest. Size 4 {Kirkland} brand diapers. And size 12-18 month shoes or size 4.
Food: Whole milk b-a-b-y (ran out of formula on June 24) and table foods. Sippy of milk when they first wake up and with lunch and dinner. Finish their night with a 6oz bottle of whole milk.
Routine: Boys still sleep A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Been going down a touch later (around 8pm) but still waking between 6:45 ad 7:30am. Once up they immediately get a sippy followed by breakfast and first nap around 9:30. Wake or get woke around 10:30/11am. Get another sippy with lunch and their second nap around 1:30/2. They (typically) sleep 2-3 hours at this nap. (Asher still more often than not wakes first). Third sippy with dinner. And a bottle at 7:30/8 followed by bed.
Developmental Milestones: Another HUGE milestone month in the Helmholdt house. Jax can now stand without pulling himself up on anything. GO Jax!! He also took his first solo steps a couple days before his birthday. Can walk behind a walker. Can walk holding just one hand. And can walk along furniture. Jax can also wave if he wants to. Asher has pulled himself up (with no help) only a couple of times thus far (and a few days after their birthday). Asher can walk behind a walker, along furniture, or with the help of one hand as well. Has not taken any steps on his own yet. Still loves to wave. Both boys are great at going up the stairs but going down is still a milestone to learn. Jax did do the stairs once on June 22.
Loves: The boys still love love love their momma and daddy!!!  Still love their milk!!! Still love to suck/pull on anything and everything (especially remotes, paper, and hair when they can get their hands on it). They still love their blankies (both) and pacis (still more so Jax but Asher when tired). Asher still loves his tongue and opening/closing doors. Both still love sister/brother's sippys and reading books/pulling books off shelves. And they still love iPhones and remotes. Oh and (when outside) they also love putting everything and anything INTO their mouths...especially rocks/stones/grass/wood chips/etc. But when I say no-no spit it out. Right on command you do!! And you both LOVE wagon rides!!
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • Jax has 8 teeth (4 on top and 4 on bottom). Eighth teeth (bottom left) came in mid June. Asher has have 7 teeth  (4 on top and 3 on the bottom). No bottom left yet.
  • Both boys have started to like baths a touch more. Wouldn't say despise like last month but also wouldn't say like a whole lot. Both still feel the need to mostly stand during tubby time. (Super annoying and each of you has slid out while I was washing the other). But as much as you don't like baths you love playing by the beach.
  • Jax is still more clingy than Asher but not as bad as last month.
  • First trip to G&G Vugteveen's cabin (and over your birthday to boot).
  • Still scared of brother Crew (and I can't blame you guys). He still constantly tries to wrestle you, shove your faces into the carpet, throw things at you, or hit you.
  • Feel like I've run a marathon every time I have to change either of you boys diapers. Even if handed something entertaining neither of you typically sit still.
  • Went on your first boat ride. Didn't mind it initially but then half way through were OVER it.
  • Asher still can throw a fit on demand. If he doesn't get his way (or Crew does something mean) he throws himself down and has the saddest (yet cutest) cry.
  • You guys are definitely double trouble. You get into EVERYTHING. I pull one of you away from trouble and the other scurries to that same spot to continue the raucous. A favorite is exploring the lower kitchen cupboards (spice pantry, lazy susan, and tupperware cupboard.
  • Still obsessed with unrolling toilet paper and playing in the toilet if the lid is left open.
  • You both still detest getting your faces wiped.
  • Celebrated your first Father's Day.
(Didn't get a pic of you in your church outfit on actual Father's Day and go figure the next weekend Jaxy had a fever so no church for you guys. Made the rest of your siblings reenact the prior week by wearing the same me). 
  • Celebrated your LAST first holiday...that being the Fourth of July.
  • Each of you (mid June) had a 3 day bout of fever, fussiness, and decrease in sleeping and eating (a week apart)...took both of you to the doctor (after 3 days worth of fevers) but only Jax had an ear infection.
  • Got rid of the {stair} baby gate June 21. Honestly was just sick of it and neither of you have fallen to date. Score!!
  • Had your first birthday party with G&G Helmholdt on the 4th of July.
  • Helped celebrate your sister's 8th Birthday.
YOU ARE SO LOVED MY LITTLE LOVES!! It's been a crazy but fun year!!

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